Rates and Trail Info


Daily Scheduled Shuttles to the Below Trails

Moab Brands Trails (AKA Bar M): $15.00

Mag 7 Trails: $25.00

Porcupine Rim and above (LPS & UPS): $25.00

The Whole Enchilada (Hazard & Burro Pass down): $30.00

*If we cannot shuttle to Hazard or Burro we will refund you the $5.00*

We have a 48 Hour Cancellation Policy: if the weather is bad and we would not ride, you will not be charged. We cannot control the weather or trail conditions. We will shuttle you as high as we can but have to consider your safety and the trail conditions. Please keep this in mind if we cannot get you to the top. 

Trail Information

The Whole Enchilada

(Burro Pass, Hazard, Kokopelli, UPS, LPS, Porcupine Rim)

Burro Pass generally does not open until July 1

The quintessential ride of Moab, this trail tackles some of the most scenic and challenging riding in the world. 'The Whole Enchilada' starts at 11,600ft and descends nearly 8000ft in 32 miles with rocks, drops, and spectacular views of Castle Valley. Beginning on top of Burro Pass, you'll start in the aspen trees and continue descending through several different climate zones on your way to the legendary Porcupine Rim singletrack. Considered by many to be one of the most memorable rides in the world, expect this adventure to last 3-6hrs even for the most experienced rider.

Magnificent 7
'Mag 7' is a series of trails that create a 26 mile point to point route. There are many choices on how to loop the Mag 7 trails that include Gemini Bridges, Crips Hole, Bull Run, Arth's Corner, Great Escape, Little Canyon, Gold Bar, Golden Spike, Moab Brand Trails, Poison Spider and an option to finish down the infamous Portal Trail. There are also several exit points making this a great ride to shuttle and/or cruise back into town on the bike path or Moab Brand Trails.

Slickrock Trail
What can you say...this is a classic Moab ride and one for the bucket list! Slickrock Trail is another advanced technical ride with a good bit of climbing along its 11 mile route. There is also a shorter practice loop that you can do from the parking lot.